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Visiting Vineyards in Australia

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East coast to west coast, you can explore beautiful varying landscapes where vines flourish and the wine is divine. Australia is home to 60+ wine regions and some of the world’s oldest vines. Australia’s wine regions are spread across the states of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and a smaller area in Queensland. Region to region and coast to coast the vineyards are expanded and the wines are exquisite. With every sip you can taste the Australian soil and landscape. Whether it be the cool coastal breeze or the luscious forest trees, vineyards have cultivated the Australian wine story. 

Situated on the coast of Western Australia, Margaret River is famous for its surfing and surrounding wineries. The rolling hills and crashing waves of the Margaret River Wine Region create a spectacular backdrop and climate for vineyards. Approximately a 3 hour drive south of Perth, the Margaret River Wine Region is made up of 90 cellar doors and 200+ vineyards. It’s easy to relax down south, just grab your local wine and cheese and watch the sun set over the rolling surf. 

In relation to viticulture, Margaret River has ideal grape-growing conditions with old, rich soils and its Mediterranean climate. The heavy rainfall and cool Indian Ocean breeze alongside a dry ripening season gives the grapes depth of flavour and vibrancy (Margaret River Wine). Margaret River soils are mostly deep, well-drained and often gravelly. This is all displayed in the depth and character of the wine produced, in particular, the earthy characteristics of the Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon variety. 

The Margaret River Wine Region is renown for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay varietals. Margaret River began producing Cabernet Sauvignon approximately 50 years ago and now, has succeeded to being a Cabernet powerhouse. Typically in the Margaret River Wine Region, the Cabernet Sauvignon is bold and earthy with black forest fruits at its core. Beautifully paired with a hearty meal such as roast. 

Margaret River is also well-known for its Chardonnay varietal. Though a younger wine region, Margaret River has taken the throne with the production of the elegant Chardonnay varietal. Margaret River Chardonnay is typically elegant and refined, with concentrated complexity and texture (Wine Australia, 2020).

With near perfect grape-growing conditions, beautiful scenery and innumerable cellar doors and wine styles, there is something to suit everyone in the Margaret River region. Come, taste, and enjoy. 

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