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How to request your travel records (in and out of Australia)

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Records of your travel in and outside of Australia can be obtained by applying on this the following link. for yourself, someone else (in special circumstances) or your child under the age of 18 (with some exceptions). You may also wish to apply using a paper form found here.

If you are seeking to obtain records for your movements before January 1981, you need to contact the National Archives of Australia

If you require arrival and departure details for another country besides Australia you will need to obtain this from the relevant authority in that country. Your Australian movement records will not show the countries you travelled to or from.

Your Australian movement records will show:

  • Your name, gender, country of birth and date of birth
  • Your departure and arrival dates in and out of Australia from 1981 to present
  • If you were inside or outside of Australia for a certain period of time
  • How many movements (arrivals and departures) are on record for the period covered by the request
  • Departure and/or arrival dates
  • Passport numbers used for travel
  • Port codes which will identify the Australian port of arrival or departure
  • Flight or vessel details, such as flight number
  • Visa subclass and expiry date at the time of travel

There is a Document Checklist available which you should read as it will help you submit a complete application.

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