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Steps to take if you submit incorrect information on your visa application

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What should you do if you submit an incorrect answer on your visa application?

– Don’t panic. You can provide more information to the immigration department at any time until a decision is made on your application.
– In order to correct an error, it is recommended that you complete a Form 1023 “Notification of incorrect answer(s) which is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website.

In the event the Department of Immigration and Border Protection asks you for further information you should:

– Respond to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection before the date outlined in their communication.
– In the event you are interviewed by the department, you should bring a copy of your passport and any other identification documents you may have along with any documentation requested by the department.

In the event another person provides the immigration department with information that could result in your visa being refused, the immigration department will:

– Usually allow the visa applicant an opportunity to comment on the information provided.

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    Hello. Good day. I’m currently in Australia on a tourist visa and I just recently found out I have incorrect answers on the visa I am currently holding. A honest mistake. The question was “Does the applicant have a family member that is not travelling to Australia and is not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident?” and I have misunderstood it thinking travelling instead of NOT travelling. What should I do now? I keep seeing this form but I dunno what to do after I have filled the form up.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, I have had a past conviction in Singapore in 2012 before moving to Auatralia. I had ticked NO on the conviction part as I was sentenced for four weeks only and the conviction was business related (not social crime). However, I have now submitted the Notification of incorrect information to the immigration about my past conviction with all substantial evidence but I have not heard anything from them since last two month from the date I made the submission. Should I tick YES or No in the passenger card if I travel overseas and return to Australia? Please advise.

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    Hi! I recently applied for an Australian student visa and have submitted the application. However, I noticed that my current employer made a mistake on the date of my employment, can this be corrected?

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    Hi! I recently applied for an Australian PR visa and have submitted the application. However, I noticed that my current employement start date was made a mistake on the date of my employment, can this be corrected? if yes what can should i give as reason?

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    Hi I have submitted my application for PR Australia however I realised I answer one of character questions incorrectly and misinterpreted the questions. I didn’t know this until I got my police report and I never have thought it would be on my police report for drinking & driving back in NZ for 2003. Licence got suspended for 6 months and got back however paid the fine. But I am worried now I don’t know what to do but I have submitted my report to immigration. Please advice

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    Hi! , I am currently on a bridging visa , is it applicable for a spouse to have a Joint facebook account as a visa requirements that contains our names and photo combinations and informations in it? but my partner and I, got each facebook account and the content is our relationship together as well


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