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How to apply for an Australian police clearance certificate

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Some visa subclasses may require you to apply for an Australian police clearance certificate.

If you are inside Australia you can either:

1. Apply online: 

– https://afpnationalpolicechecks.converga.com.au/

– When completing “Section B: Purpose of check” select the following (1) Purpose Type: “Commonwealth purpose / employment” (2) Purpose of check: “immigration/citizenship”

2. Download and post the following form 

– https://afpnationalpolicechecks.converga.com.au/static/images/afp/afp_online_form.pdf

– When completing “Section 8: Purpose of check” tick the checkbox at number 33 “immigration/citizenship”

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    Police clearance certificate is needed if a person wants it for immigration or visa. I want to share my views regarding this when i was in need of the police clearance certificate. One of my friend told me about the online procedure of this PCC so i applied and received my online police clearance certificate. This is admirable online application and when you applied suddenly received a online status of submissions through mail. I am completely satisfied with this service.


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