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    Where do people in the current situation of government imposed lockdowns stand ?

    Got my wife and sons PR but the date of first arrival is June 2020 (grant date June 2019)

    Given the UK and Australia lock down my actually go on for quite some time it may make travel impossible

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      Dear Peter,

      I am in similar situation with the country that I reside in total lockdown and Airports closed. Could you let me know if you have managed to find answers to your predicament or any advise on how to approach such an awkward situation.
      Thanks & Regards

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        Mr Peter Jaggard

        Hi mate

        I spoke to the department of home affairs and they told me to email qld.pp.processing@homeaffairs.gov.au

        They said that they can’t change the entry date but if accepted, I’ll get a letter that allows them to travel past that date

        Going to prepare a letter in the next day if so and see what I get back

        I assume they’re busier than normal so who knows when I’ll get a response

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    I am currently facing same problem, as my son is in India, his first arrival date is June 2020. I am looking for extension of first arrival date. Please let me inform if anyone got right solution. Thanks

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      Email the address I put above. They won’t extend the entry date but said I should contact them when I’m able to travel and take it from there

      Not a concrete answer but it shows I’ve made contact and sounds like they’ve acknowledged my situation

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    I am in different situation. When the CoronaVirus was announced pandemic i took a flight to Australia immediately as my First Entry Date is in September 2020. I stayed there 24 hours and then came back. Now, i am bit confused whether my First Entry was acknowledged or not. Any idea guys? Where should i check if they have acknowledged my First Entry?

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    Hi Peter,

    I have sent an email to ‘skilled.support@homeaffairs.gov.au’ explaining my situation and requesting First Entry Date extension but didn’t get a reply. Wondering if you received your letter from the department? Thanks


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      Not sure about that email address. My IED was to do with a subclass 100 partner visa so the email address I sent it to only deals with that subclass. It did say when I received an email that showed it has been received that if it wasn’t to do with that subclass I wouldn’t receive any follow-up.

      I did get a response but I wasn’t a concrete answer and I’ve since missed the date and will have to take my chances towards the new year. Can’t imagine I’m the only one affected by the international lockdown

      Call the global service center for more accurate advice about what email address you need to send your request to

      Good luck

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    Does anybody know whether the first entry date requirement has been relaxed for VISA Subclass 189? My first entry date is 28th Jan, 2021. Howver, my flights got cancelled twice.

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    Hi Hassan, if you send an email to skilled support, they reply immediately with an automated response that is applicable to Visa subclass 189,190 etc.

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    Hi, my sister is applying for an Australian citizenship, and within application is also need an evidence of first arrival in Australia. She’s normally using her passport for travelling in and out Australia but there is no stamp on her passport about the first arrival from border protection officer. So, she selected the passport as the evidence of her first arrival. Is it correct? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


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    The Partner VISA is granted, enters AUS within the 12 months, then exits back to our home where we then plan to live for Approximately 3 years. (you are free to travel in and out of Australia for 5 years).

    It states to apply for the Permanent Residency VISA you cannot be out of Australia for more than 12 months in the last 4 years. So if in and out of the country for 3 years, then cant apply for a Permanent Residency Visa for 4 years = total of 7 Years from initial entry date, yet the VISA is only valid for 5 years?

    How does that work??


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