Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up to ImmiAdvisor as a registered/licensed migration agent/lawyer?

Any migration agent/lawyer who is lawfully able to practise in any country is able to sign up to ImmiAdvisor. You must have a registration/license number if applicable. We will cross check that your name is on the register at the time you register on the ImmiAdvisor website. If for any reason your registration changes e.g. lapses or is cancelled, it is your responsibility to notify ImmiAdvisor immediately to delete your account.

How do I list my profile on ImmiAdvisor?

To list your profile on ImmiAdvisor, you will need to sign up and complete the registration process. You must be a lawfully practising migration agent/lawyer.

Your profile will be visible to the public and is a visa applicant’s first point of contact with you. Please take a few minutes to provide some information about yourself. Here are a few tips to complete your profile and get noticed:

  1. Upload a photo to your profile. It’s much easier for a visa applicant to recognise and relate to a face.
  2. You must use your full name and email which matches your immigration agent/lawyer registration (if applicable).
  3. Make sure to fill out some basic information about yourself including summary, area of expertise and which countries you can assist with. This is a good place to talk about your immigration experience and highlight your skills to let visa applicants know why you’re a great registered migration agent/lawyer.

Once you complete the registration process, your information will be reviewed by the ImmiAdvisor team. After our team has verified you are a migration agent/lawyer who is registered/licenced in the relevant countries (if applicable), you will be notified and your profile will be added to the website. We usually verify your profile as soon as we have received your payment. Visa applicants will then be able to easily contact you.

What is the difference between the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages?

Our most basic package, the Bronze package, gives 1 migration agent/lawyer 12 months access to the ImmiAdvisor website where you will have the opportunity to be contacted by visa applicants through your online profile.

In addition to the 12 months access included in the Bronze package, the Silver package allows 1 agent/lawyer to be under the spotlight as a sponsored profile in the search results page, so that your profile will stand out when visa applicants are searching for a migration agent/lawyer.

Our Gold package includes all the benefits of the Silver package, with the addition of a profile slot as a featured agent on the ImmiAdvisor homepage, allowing you to make a powerful first impression on visa applicants, and ensure that your profile appears stands out.

I don’t have a Stripe account, what should I do?

Even if you do not have a Stripe account there is an option to use your credit card to pay without signing up to Stripe. Mastercard, Visa and American Express, both international and domestic, are accepted.

Do I have to take a client that approaches me for advice?

You can choose to take the client or not. You are under no obligation to do work for any client unless and until you agree on the terms and conditions, pricing etc.

Can I list multiple agents/lawyers on ImmiAdvisor?

Yes, you can list as many of the agents/lawyers in your firm as you wish. You must purchase separate packages for each profile you wish to list.

Will I receive a discount for listing multiple agents/lawyers on ImmiAdvisor?

If you wish to list multiple agents/lawyers, we may be able to offer you a discount. Contact us at for more information.

How do I contact ImmiAdvisor?

If you have any other questions, technical issues, feedback or suggestions, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Who is the Founder of ImmiAdvisor?

Sapna, the Founder & CEO of ImmiAdvisor holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Bachelor of Laws from The University of New South Wales. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Australian National University she was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She has prior professional experience as a Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent at Ernst & Young. Sapna was also previously a Casual Academic and taught Marketing at both the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Sapna is the 2016 inaugural winner of the UNSW & CEO Institute Scholarship.


Neither ImmiAdvisor Pty Ltd nor its employees or directors are registered as legal practitioners. ImmiAdvisor does not provide immigration advice or assistance, nor legal advice or legal services directly to its customers. ImmiAdvisor is a platform for connecting customers with registered migration agents/lawyers only.