Frequently asked questions

ImmiAdvisor is a one stop solution for immigration needs, and is a fast and convenient way of finding and contacting immigration advisors best suited for the applicant’s circumstances and price range. Visa applicants are able browse through immigration advisors, see their details and read their reviews left by other visa applicants. Visa applicants can then contact agents/lawyers by submitting a short six-field form. Visa applicants are encouraged to leave a review and rating about the service received from the agent/lawyer so that others are able to make informed decisions.

No. Our website is 100% free to use for all visa applicants. If you choose to hire an immigration advisor, the price and other terms and conditions must be negotiated between you and the respective immigration advisor.

No, ImmiAdvisor does not give any immigration advice. If you wish to obtain immigration advice, please contact one of the immigration advisors listed on ImmiAdvisor.

There are so many reasons to let ImmiAdvisor help you make your visa application process more streamlined.

ImmiAdvisor is free and easy for you to use. There is no need to sign up. The easy to navigate website gives you the ability to see how other visa applicants rated their experience with their immigration advisor. The detailed profiles of the immigration advisor allow you to easily find their location and contact details, as well as their experience, specialisations, and languages spoken, etc. Get in touch with the immigration advisor by simply filling in the short form located on each immigration advisors profile. Directly communicate with the immigration advisors using your email. There is no obligation to hire any immigration advisor on ImmiAdvisor - the choice is entirely up to you!

On the ImmiAdvisor homepage, simply choose the destination country you wish to migrate to and the purpose of your visa (if known). Then, click on “View immigration advisors” to see all immigration advisors who match your search criteria. Narrow down your selection using the filter options located on the right hand side so you can find an immigration advisor based on their location, languages spoken, qualifications, experience and much more.

If you are interested in a particular immigration advisor, simply contact them by filling out the form on their profile.

Alternatively, you can contact multiple immigration advisors in just a few clicks! After clicking on “Find an advisor” on the homepage, all of the immigration advisors who meet your criteria will automatically be selected. Click on “Submit inquiry to all selected advisors” before submitting a short form with your details.

If you want to submit an inquiry to all the immigration advisors who fit your criteria, simply click on “Submit inquiry to all selected advisors”. All immigration advisors who fit your criteria will be automatically selected. A popup will appear, prompting you to fill out a short 6-field form. Just type in your details and click submit.

Once the form has been submitted, the immigration advisors you have contacted will get in touch with you via email. Please feel free to contact us at if no agent replies to you within a reasonable amount of time.

No, it is free to look for a suitable immigration advisors as a visa applicant and there are no obligations to hire an immigration advisor unless you find an immigration advisor that best caters for your needs.

You can review your immigration advisor on the reviews page.

If you have any other questions, technical issues, feedback or suggestions, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.