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Visa Applicants

ImmiAdvisor lets you search for and message multiple Registered Migration Agents so that you are able to find the agent that best suits your circumstances and price range. You will be able to see reviews and ratings posted by past visa applicants to help you make your decision.
No. Our website is 100% free for all visa applicants. If you choose to hire an agent, then you must agree the price and other terms and conditions with that respective agent.
In order to view agents profiles, you will need to create your profile. We do not ask for confidential information such as passport details, addresses or credit card details. The information we do require you to provide on our registration form is information typically required for your visa application that may be helpful for the agent to know when contacting you. For example, the reason we need your date of birth is so that we can calculate your age. Certain visas are only available for certain age groups and this will help to the agent determine which visas you are eligible for. The more information you profile on your profile the easier it is for the agent to search for you and help you progress your application as quickly as possible. If you choose to sign up through Facebook connect please note that you will still be required to complete your profile
We will never post anything to your Facebook without your permission. By signing up using Facebook Connect, ImmiAdvisor can create your account without requiring you to fill out a bunch of fields. We will never post to your wall without your permission. Once you sign up through Facebook Connect be sure to click on “Account” and then “Profile Setup” and provide any other information that may have been missed that may be helpful to the agents.
Once you have signed up and logged in to ImmiAdvisor, click on “Find an agent” to search our database of Registered Migration Agents based on location, languages spoken, qualifications, experience and much more.
Once you register and login ImmiAdvisor you can edit your profile at any time by clicking on the “Edit my profile” button.
Australia has over 140 visa options, migration agents are able to advise visa applicants on what visa may be suitable (if any).

They are able to provide visa applicants with an honest opinion about their chances of success.

They ensure that the documents visa applicants need for their application are of the standard that meets the Australian immigration department’s requirements and that of the relevant state government if necessary.

Agents are able to assist visa applicants with any complexities or points of law that might help a visa applicant’s unique case.

Agents ensure that the application form is completed correctly and accompanied by the correct fee to ensure that the visa application is valid. The department is legally unable to consider invalid applications.

Agents are able to prepare a legislatively based submission to support your application and present the visa applicant in the best possible light;

Agents have an understanding of how to apply for Ministerial intervention, submit an appeal or represent a visa applicant at a tribunal hearing if a visa application is not successful.

For a full list of reasons why you should hire an agent please visit
A registered migration agent is someone who has been through the checks with the Australian Government. In order to be a registered migration agent you must show that you have no criminal records, meet the qualifications and training requirements etc. Others may be migration agents however they may not necessarily be registered with the Australian government office and therefore may not meet the standards.
No, it is FREE to post a profile as a visa applicant and there are no obligations to hire an agent unless you find the Registered Migration Agent that best caters for your needs.
If you encounter any other problems email us at
If you have any questions or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you. Just email with your feedback.

Registered Migration Agents

Anyone who is a current Registered Migration Agent registered with the Office of Registered Migration Agents is able to sign up to ImmiAdvisor. You must have a Migration Agent Registration Number. We will cross check that your name is on the register at the time you register on our website. If for any reason your registration changes e.g. lapses or is cancelled it is your responsibility to notify us immediately to delete your account.
To become a Registered Migration Agent on ImmiAdvisor, you will need to register manually and cannot register through Facebook connect. As part of the registration process you will be required to create a unique profile. Please take a few minutes to provide some information about yourself. Here are a few tips to complete your profile and get noticed:

1. Upload a photo to your profile. It’s much easier to recognise and relate to a face.
2. You must use your full name and email which matches your registration.
3. Make sure to fill out some basic information about yourself including area of expertise and a contact number. This is a good place to talk about your immigration experience and highlight your skills to let visa applicants know why you’re a great registered migration agent.

Once you complete the registration process and resume, your information will be reviewed by the ImmiAdvisor team and once our team has verified you are a Registered Migration Agent, your profile will be added to the website and you'll be able to begin connecting to potential visa applicants (we should verify your profile usually as soon as we have received your payment).
Even if you do not have a PayPal account there is an option to proceed using PayPal without an account. Please note that a 3% surcharge will apply if you decide to pay through PayPal. You will not incur this surcharge if you pay via bank transfer.
You’ll have an opportunity to enter any voucher codes during the registration process and before you enter any payment details
You can choose to take the client or not. You are under no obligation to do work for any client unless and until you agree on the terms and conditions and pricing etc.
If you have any questions or comments, we would be delighted to hear from you. Just email with your feedback.

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