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Driving in Victoria (VIC)

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Temporary visa

If you are on a temporary visa, you are able to drive on your current overseas licence for the length of your stay in Victoria.

However, you must carry on you at all times:

  • Your current overseas visa; AND
  • An official English translation OR International Driving Permit

Permanent visa

If you are on a permanent visa, you are able to drive on your current overseas visa for the maximum of six months from the date that your permanent visa was issued (if it was issued whilst you were in Australia) or from the date that you entered Australia (if it was issued whilst you were overseas).

However, if you wish to drive in Victoria after this period of six months, then you must obtain a Victorian driver’s licence.

To obtain a Victorian driver’s licence, you must:

  • pass a road law knowledge test
  • hazard perception test
  • drive test

Note that if the country which issued your current licence is on the list of approved or Driver Recognised countries, you may be exempt for one or more tests.

For more information, please visit https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/renew-replace-or-update/new-to-victoria/overseas-drivers

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