Marial Lewis
Marial Lewis

Marial is an accredited specialist lawyer in Immigration Law and a multi-award winner. She is very competent when it comes to all migration matters as well as complex cases.
She completed her Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degrees through the University of NSW and subsequently her Master in Legal Practice. Marial comes with many years of experience in the legal industry having worked in numerous legal and not-for-profit organisations throughout the years. Marial is a an admitted Solicitor, having been admitted in NSW, Australia. Marial is also an Associate Lecturer teaching in the Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law in one of Sydney's largest universities.
Marial enjoys helping clients and has assisted in many complex cases including work and sponsorship visas, partner visas, child and parent visas, employer sponsorship, humanitarian visas, student visas, visitor visas, bridging visas, revocation of visa cancellation and citizenship applications. Marial also specialises in review cases with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Circuit Court. Marial ensures that expert legal advice and best client service is given to all our clients.

Almost any Australia visa you apply for, you must be of good character as required by the Migration Act. This would apply to both temporary and permanent visas. Character under the Australian migration laws refers mostly to your criminal convictions and general behaviour rather than how nice you…

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