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7 reasons to use a Registered Migration Agent

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I’m a registered migration agent and a lawyer. In Australia you must be a registered migration agent to give immigration advice. Here are 7 reasons why many visa applicants engage registered migration agents.

1. Australia has over 140 visa options, registered migration agents are able to advise visa applicants on what visa may be suitable (if any);

2. They are able to provide visa applicants with an honest opinion about their chances of success;

3. They ensure that the documents visa applicants need for their application are of the standard that meets the Australian immigration departments requirements and that of the relevant state government if necessary;

4. Able to assist visa applicants with any complexities or points of law that might help a visa applicants unique case;

5. Ensure that the application form is completed correctly and accompanied by the correct fee to ensure that the visa application is valid. The department is legally unable to consider invalid applications;

6. Able to prepare a legislatively based submission to support your application and present the visa applicant in the best possible light;

7. Registered Migration Agents have an understanding of how to apply for Ministerial intervention, submit an appeal or represent a visa applicant at a tribunal hearing if a visa application is not successful.

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