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7 money saving tips for travelling abroad in the 21st century

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Here are 7 great ways to save money while travelling.

Pack a good pair of walking shoes…

You ought to be walking everywhere! 

Through my travels I’ve found that one of the most organic ways to immerse yourself within a city or town is to walk everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Walking will take you away from the expensive thoroughfares and main roads, leading you into the lesser known and more authentic areas of any city. Quite often, your most memorable holiday moments won’t come from traditional tourist attractions. It will emerge from experiences you alone get to enjoy. 

Not only is it healthy for you (and the Earth!), but your wallet will feel much better too! Taxi costs add up more quickly than you’d expect, especially when your driver bumps up the fare or takes you on the “scenic route”. If your destination is too far to walk, try taking advantage of local public transport to get you where you need to be. 

Carry an empty water bottle

You’ve probably got about a hundred half full water bottles sitting in your car right now – time to make use of them!

Take every opportunity you can to refill on water as you travel. Not only is it more hygienic than using public water and cheaper than buying water, but it will also keep you feeling healthier and hydrated throughout the day! Be wary though – always use filtered, safe water when travelling. 

Collapsible water bottles are a great way to save space, but expensive knick knacks should never be your focus when travelling on a budget. Often things you have lying around the house are perfect substitutes for what the sales assistant tries to sell you!

Buddy up!

This one’s a no brainer. Save money by renting rooms together, sharing snacks and sharing travel kits. Play to each other’s strengths – maybe one of you is a great cook whilst the other speaks the local language. 

No friends? No worries!

There are many online and real platforms to join up with other like-minded travellers looking for a group. Travel-buddies.com is an excellent and easily accessible resource to post your own travel plan or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, join up for others for an unforgettable experience.

Get friendly with the locals

A favourite of any seasoned traveller, this tip is popular for a reason. However, it’s not just a great way to add an extra level of depth to your holiday – it’s also a fantastic way to save money while travelling. 

A great way to get started is to try to figure out the best local places to eat. Local produce is typically fresher (and much cheaper) than imported dishes, and asking locals for their favourites can build up a great rapport. Once you have built a bit of a relationship, you can find out about local scams or tourist traps that can spell the end of an enjoyable holiday.  

Be flight smart

To get the cheapest flights, you have to become a flight vulture. Checking in on prices a couple of times a day a few months out from your trip will allow you to find tickets that best suit your price range. Be careful – wait too long and those prices will shoot back up again! A great online tool to use is momondo.com, which gives access to over a thousand different airlines for free. 

Also, it’s a great idea to do everything you can to avoid extra charges. This means weighing out your bag before you set out for the airport, and leaving space for any souvenirs you may pick up. Packing your own lunch for the flight is a great way to save money – your travel money won’t last long if you are paying 16 dollars for each sandwich! 

Work + Holiday = Workaway!

Looking for a few extra dollars to soften the blow that travel has on your bank account?

Working in a foreign country takes immersion to another level. Many local businesses offer backpackers great opportunities to earn some spending money by working a couple of days a week. Whether you are working the bar or picking fruit, you’ll still have plenty of time to experience the tourist attractions. However, please contact your immigration provider to ensure that you have the correct visa as some visas have legal restrictions relating to work.

In addition, non-profit organisations and local charities often offer food and accommodation in exchange for volunteer work. This gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in the world (while still getting the holiday of a lifetime!). This travel twist is a fantastic way to marry the best of both worlds. 

APPly yourself!

There are hundreds of different travel apps that can make your travel experience easier than you would have ever believed possible. 

‘HappyCow’ is a must have for vegans who have a tough time finding places to eat out while travelling. Given how stressful travel can be, ‘GeoSure’ is a fantastic safety net to keep you up to date with any safety hazard in your immediate and surrounding location. 

Got any more tips? Comment below for your chance to feature in our next article!

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