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6 FAQs about the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

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1. Who is the Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300) visa for?

The Prospective Marriage visa is for anyone over the age of 18 who intends to marry:

  • an Australian citizen; OR
  • an Australian permanent resident; OR
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen.


2. Why do you need a Prospective Marriage visa?

If you want to come to Australia to marry your prospective spouse.


3. How long does the prospective marriage visa let you stay in Australia for?

The Prospective Marriage visa lets you enter and stay temporarily in Australia for 9 months.


4. What are the requirements?

As the applicant, you must prove that you:

  • intend to marry and live as husband or wife with your prospective spouse; AND
  • be sponsored by your prospective spouse; AND
  • know your prospective spouse, and have met in person; AND
  • be the opposite sex to your prospective spouse; AND
  • be at least 18 years of age; AND
  • satisfy health requirements; AND
  • be prepared to give police certificates.


5. Can my prospective marriage visa be extended? Or can I be granted another prospective marriage visa?

A prospective marriage visa cannot be extended and you cannot be granted another Prospective Marriage visa in Australia even if you have not yet married your sponsor but still intend to do so.


6. What if I am a same-sex couple?

If you and your partner are a same-sex couple, you can apply for the Partner Visa (subclass 820 and 801) based on your de-facto relationship.

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    Geoffrey Nielsen Terry

    I am an Australian male living in India. Now that the marriage laws have changed my Indian partner and I would like to apply for the prospective marriage visa. We have been in a relationship and have lived together for 3 and a half years now. Both of us have family and friend support. The only concern that I have now is the age difference between us. I am 69yrs my partner is 24yrs.
    Would the immigration Dept, visa issuing authority have any problems with our age discrepancy or am I worrying for nothing. We certainly do not have any issues with our age difference and are very comfortable in our life as a couple, as are our friends and families.
    Any feedback would be most welcome.
    Thanking you in advance


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